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The Emerald City Imports site was last updated on April 30, 2005.
We suggest you bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates.

We are an importer and distributor of items produced on several continents. Most of our customers are retail shops who can provide bona fide resale numbers and other information necessary for wholesale purchase. THE PRICES ON THIS WEB SITE ARE WHOLESALE PRICES unless otherwise noted.

The main exception is the section labeled Retail Galleries in the table of contents frame at left. All prices shown in those galleries are retail prices and anyone is free to buy those items from us via mail order. If you are a wholesale customer, please contact us about wholesale prices for items that are listed as retail.

We do not accept returns of any items that are sold at retail prices. Damage claims must be made through the shipper. Refer to our Terms of Sale for more details.

Our Products Index provides a quick overview of the types of items that we offer. We are also authorized distributors of Nippon Kodo (Morning Star) Japanese Incense.

A product that is marked special order and/or designated with an asterisk (*) is no longer in stock. We can get it for you on a prepaid basis during our annual buying trip(s) to Southeast Asia. Refer to our Shipping Info page for more details.

Click on the links in the frame at left to view our online catalog. If you don't see the frame, click here.

Note: We assign a new series of code numbers each year. Some newer items are slight modifications of items offered in previous years, which may make our code numbers seem redundant or inconsistent. To prevent confusion, please refer to the description as well as the code number when ordering.

All prices are in US dollars.

Upon request, we will send you a color catalog via airmail.

If you have any questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting us.

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